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Tax-Smart Investing for Charity

If you have philanthropic inclinations and large capital gains in your investment portfolio or expect an unusually high-income year, you might want to consider a tax-advantageous way to give to your favorite charities: a Donor-Advised Fund (“DAF”). A DAF is...

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What We Are Watching this Winter: Dumb Money

‘Dumb Money’ on Netflix is worth a watch this winter. Memorable Wall Street films often serve as reflective mirrors of prevailing sentiments about finance. At the heart of "Wall Street," Gordon Gekko's blind greed encapsulated the ethos of the late '80s. "Margin...

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2023 Year-End Tax and Estate Planning Tips

Greetings from Harbour Capital Advisors, Let me start this year-end letter by noting that 2023 has been a relatively uneventful year for individual income tax and estate tax laws. Ironically, the current divisiveness in Congress has led to relative stability in the...

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