Harbour Capital Advisors

Investment Advisory

Harbour Capital Advisors’ investment managers employ an active approach based on broad market research and remain nimble as markets change. Our investment decisions are made following thoughtful deliberation on input from a wide range of global economic and market research firms; we are not beholden to one viewpoint. We manage risk and achieve diversification in our portfolios by accessing asset classes and investment solutions afforded the firm through longstanding relationships of Harbour Lights Holding Company, our legacy single-family office. We are free from the numerous constraints and conflicts of interest inherent in larger organizations.

Our experienced portfolio managers enhance customized strategic portfolios with tactical investments focused on near-term opportunities. With a small, select group of clients, we are able to engage in active implementation and execution of our investment strategies – imperative in the turbulent, volatile markets of today.

We develop a dynamic, comprehensive investment solution customized to the client’s unique goals and circumstances and integrated with their overall wealth plan.

The main benefits of our approach are:

  • Active management of all portfolios
  • Implementation governed by a tailored Investment Policy Statement
  • Independent advice
  • Top-down macro analysis of economic and market drivers coupled with bottom-up security evaluation
  • Trading strategies focused on sector rotation in anticipation of the business cycle
  • Participation in tactical and contrarian investment strategies
  • Flexibility to evolve with changes in our clients’ circumstances
  • Comprehensive reporting across all providers
  • Coordination of investments with wealth planning initiatives and tax considerations