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In 1997, Harbour Lights Holding Company was founded by a New York-based family to centralize management of their family businesses and investments. In January 2005, the family patriarch died unexpectedly at age 60. Without hesitation, his wife and family turned to Harbour Lights to navigate the transition of family assets and settlement of the estate. In their greatest hour of need, the family knew they had a trusted team in place which would ensure continued oversight of their business and investment holdings, while prudently planning and investing for future generations.


In 2011, Harbour Capital Advisors was formed to bring that same level of comfort, knowledgeable expertise and highly personalized service to other families.

As an independent, privately-owned firm, Harbour Capital Advisors delivers¬†objective wealth management advice. Serving a limited number of families with complex financial needs, we are able to execute investment and planning ideas nimbly and efficiently. Built on the success of Harbour Lights over a generation, we harness the research, investment solutions and trading platforms of many of the world’s largest investment firms while maintaining independence through open architecture. We leverage the talents of¬†our successful professionals and serve as one point of contact for “the business of the family”. Our mission is to solve problems our clients may not even know they have. We pride ourselves on being the family wealth guardian, trusted counselor and investment expert.


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